The Story of Infinite Variations

The Founders of Infinite Variations:

Eddie Saldana and Mary Roderick Saldana live in Boston, MA with their dog and two cats. Eddie is an engineer, a chess enthusiast and a former professional MMA fighter but also a lifelong martial artist. Mary is an HR professional, loves to travel and deeply cares for animals and her family.

The Vision of the Brand:

The idea behind the vision of the brand is to combine high quality T-shirt materials with elegant and sophisticated designs originating from professional photography. Each photo is custom and created by my team. The objective is to attempt to articulate the beauty of chess as I see it in my mind whenever I am analyzing a position. We try to capture the essence of the struggle between two combatants.

The Story Behind the Name:

The origin story of our brand name is in honor of my Uncle Mickey who passed tragically in 1993 when a construction bridge accident took his life along with the lives of several of his coworkers.

“Live life day to day for time is a thief and it is selfish. Dream of the infinite variations you can pursue and never allow the seeds of
doubt to dissuade you from the everlasting pursuit of happiness.”